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"A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan next week" - George Patton

Focus on solutions and not problems - find out what is working, and do more of it!

Research from the University of Arkansas shows that analysing what has been going wrong ("the problem") only causes people to feel more stuck. Whether working out how to resolve an interpersonal issue, or plan next year's budget, a focus on solutions rather than on problems is the key to success. Helping people reflect on successes and find even small things for which they can congratulate themselves helps people "feel more in control of themselves and their circumstances."

Solutions focus

Solution Focus is a proven, simple, effective approach to helping people change. Developed within the counselling/psychotherapy arena, the approach is now making a major impact in the business sector. Business people are finding the approach powerful in helping change people and business.

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A solution focussed approach assists managers to help clarify how people want things to be ("goals"), identify current strengths that contribute to achieving this and identify steps toward goals. The approach allows managers to find a manageable path towards a solution, avoid wasting time in fruitless discussions and build staff members' competence and trust.

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Nisbet and Associates is a leader in the application of Solutions Focus in business in Australia.

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