Making Miracles Happen At Work

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If a miracle happened and your problem was solved, what would it look like?

The Making Miracles Happen at Work workshop teaches you how to describe the solution you are after, and then work out the steps involved in making it happen. In the workshop you will learn about...

1. What is Solutions Focus?

It is an approach to problem resolution, where the focus is on what works. It doesn't spend time in analysis of the problem. The focus is on identifying and building on strength and describing the future, not dwelling on the past.

2. Solutions Focus tools.

You will practise using the language of solutions; describe behaviour in specific measurable terms; learn how to ask the "miracle" question and how to use scaling questions. You will learn to use simple language, examine possibilities and offer praise and support.

3. Skills and attitudes of a solutions focussed problem solver.

There are a handful of important skills and some key attitudes that make a good solutions focus exponent. Using solution focussed language rather than problem focussed language is a key. You will learn to avoid focussing on faults, causes, difficulties and learn to look for what is working and tiny signs of movement in the correct direction.

4. Case studies and skill practice.

Using examples drawn from business and interpersonal problem situations, you will learn how the solutions focus makes a difference. You will have ample opportunity to practise using your new skills in a supportive workshop environment. You can return to work, ready to use the approach with confidence.

How is the workshop run?

It is an action learning workshop. Workshop groups are small and there is sufficient time to discuss individual situations. Participants are encouraged to use their real life business situations as a basis for practising the solutions focus techniques.

Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for anyone whose work has a problem solving or counselling component. The workshop is aimed at business managers, business owners, human resource professionals, project managers, anyone who has to facilitate problem resolution in their business. It is particularly valuable to those who counsel staff on performance or work habit issues, or those who seek to improve business processes or implement change.

Who is the facilitator?

Graham Nisbet expertly facilitates the workshop. Graham is a seasoned business professional with 20 years in human resource, quality management and business consulting roles.

What does it cost?

Cost for the one-day workshop is $985.00 per person (including GST). Minimum 6 people.

How do I arrange a workshop?

To arrange a workshop, contact us

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