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Planning For The Unthinkable - White Paper


What is your corporate strategy for recovering from a disaster?

What are the items on your Restoration Matrix?

Disasters, sufficient to cripple your business can happen at any time. You may say, no it could never happen here. But then recall in February of 1998 the citizens of Auckland, New Zealand found that their electricity infrastructure wasn’t quite what they thought. Some businesses there were without power for 5 weeks.


Planningfortheunthinkable.pdf PDF


Business Continuity Management (BCM) White Paper 


What is Business Continuity Management (BCM)?

Business Continuity Management is that collection of activities that goes into making sure your business can continue to operate, should something horrible happen to it. One of the emerging problems faced by businesses today is the question of how to continue to serve customers if something goes horribly wrong.

In the past customers would give you a month or two to get back on your feet after a fire or similar crisis. But in these days of 24x7 service, our customers expect us to have a way to still serve them, even in the worst of circumstances. So today, a business planning to survive needs far more than just a good business interruption insurance policy. It needs good business continuity management.

Business_Continuity_1005.pdf PDF (24k) 


Key success factors of a Business Continuity Plan

This short paper describes the key elements to consider in managing a business continuity plan (BCP) project.


Key Success Factors of a Business Continuity Plan.pdf PDF (14k) 

Articles and Case Studies


Thats why we do rehearsals

This is a presentation done by Graham Nisbet at the 2007 Business Continuity Institute Symposium


Thats why we do rehearsals- A presentation by Graham Nisbet at 2007 Business Continuity Institute Symposium.pdf PDF (232k) 


Executive Fire Team in Action


TMS Network Member, Graham Nisbet, uses the Team Management Profile in his "Executive Fire Teams" workshop to help teams to work effectively in crisis situations. Here, Graham provides a case study from a senior management team of a large insurance company, who recently benefited from the program.... (more)


EFT_case_study.pdf PDF (232k) 


Use of Team Management Profile with executive team in Korea


My use of the TMPQ in Korea, especially with the executive team, underlined for me again its power as a tool to understand the contribution different individuals make to teams.... (more)




Continuity or Collapse


In this article Graham Nisbet, MBCI, Managing Director of Nisbet and Associates looks at the importance of Business Continuity Planning for Business.


ContinuityorCollapse.pdf PDF (152k)


Solutions No Problem.


Stop doing what doesn't work. Find out what works and do more of it. These are some of the SIMPLE and powerful principles of the new approach to business problem solving- Solutions Focus.... (more)