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Describing the future is the first step in making it happen!

The Breakthrough Business Planning workshop teaches you how to describe the solution you are after, and then work out the steps involved in making it happen.

1. Where are we now?

Good planning starts with a review of the purpose of the business, an understanding of what the customers want and the areas of key result. In the workshop you will review these and then focus on the major areas of the business, describing what current performance looks like.

What data do we have to tell how we are going today? What do the customers say about us at present? What is happening today? How do the staff behave? What results are we getting now?

2. What do we want to have happening?

By using a solutions focus approach, you are coached to describe, in some detail, what your business will look like when the plans have all been implemented.

What will customers be saying? How will staff behave? What will the business look like? How will you know the plans are working?

3. When is the future already here?

Some things are already working well in your business. Using the solutions focus methods, you will discuss the current strengths of the business. The incidence of great current customer and business results can act as sign posts to future success.

What things work well now, even if only sometimes? Who is involved? What happens at those times? Under what circumstances?

4. Where are we on the success scale?

To identify the next steps in planning for your business, its helpful to decide how far along the path you are today. For each of the major areas of your business, you will identify the progress already made and establish a marker.

Why are we this far along? What did one step further back look like? What would one step further along look like?

5. What do we do now?

You'll list on going projects, critical day to day activities and planned initiative. Using the solutions focus tools, you will generate other activities that could move your business along to its "perfect" future. Using an impact/ability ranking process, you will determine the absolute priorites for action for your business in the coming period.

How is the workshop run?

It is an action learning workshop. Workshop groups are small and there is sufficient time to discuss individual situations. Participants work on their real life business situation to develop their own priorities for action.

Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for anyone who has to develop effective plans in their business. The workshop is aimed at business managers, divisional managers, business owners, project managers, anyone who has to develop a plan of action at work. It is particularly valuable to those who are planning how best to use resources, develop priorities for their business, react to changing business environments or shifting customer needs.

Who is the facilitator?

Graham Nisbet expertly facilitates the workshop. With over 20 years in major corporations and 5 years managing a smaller business, Graham has extensive experience in facilitating business planning and is a pioneer of the solutions focus application to business.

What does it cost?

Cost for the one-day workshop is $725.00 per person (including GST). Minimum 6 people.

How do I arrange a workshop?

To arrange a workshop, contact us

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